Spring Sale!

Preston posted Apr 7, 14
Hello everyone!

Spring time has arrived and we're going to start it off with a Spring Sale! Starting today all ranks, rank upgrades, kits and extras will be on sale. The discounts range from 15% - 30% off. The sale will end in 14 days on April 20th. The brand new King Kit has also been added to the shop for those who like to live like kings! The King Kit features the finest gold armor with the highest possible enchantments along with other assorted royal items. Check out the shop at

Thanks for playing!

Questions? Concerns? Email our support team!

Endro its still not out your ripping me off!
Endro Its not out!
Endro and when will 1.7.7 come out on prsmp?

Top Voters!

Four_Down posted Apr 1, 14
Hello everyone!

A new month has begun and as usual, the votes on the Minecraft top sites have been reset. You can help support the server by voting on each of the websites on the voting page ( and in return you will receive awesome rewards! If you vote every day you could become one of our top voters and each of our top voters receive a FREE RANK UPGRADE!

The top voters for the month of March are:

1st Place - CORBXP  (147 votes)

2nd Place -  boomerzap  (143 votes)

3rd Place -  Ima_Juice_Box  (141 votes) 

Thank you to all of our top voters! You will receive a message shortly containing information on upgrading your ranks. 

Anyone can become a top voter, all you have to do is take 5 minutes (or less) each day to vote for the server on each of the top sites ( Voting for the server gives you awesome rewards on ALL of our servers including in-game money, diamonds and WorldEdit!

Thank you to everyone who has voted! 
- Four
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